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Confirmed players born between 2006 and 2008

Have you ever dreamt of training like a Stade Toulousain Professional?

STADE TOULOUSAIN is putting its best coaches at your disposal to offer you a made to measure camp based on the development of your position’s technique.

For the first time in the world of professional sports, come and discover this fabulous experience next to Ugo Mola and his Pro staff who will be there to advise you, better you, and help you develop.

Whether it be positioning in scrums for a front rower, tackling and jackling technics for flankers and number 8s, kicking game for fly halves and full backs, passing and kick reception for centres and wingers, etc… You will see all aspects of the game that will make you a better player.



Workshops led by different qualified coaches from Stade Toulousain. (Pro staff, as well as ex pro players)


Games, events, activities, soirées...

The PROS :

·       The camp is payable in multiple instalments, free of charge

·       Presentation on dietetics and high-level player’s nutrition

·       Presentation by a strength and conditioning coach on the aspects of player development.

·       Assessment during the entirety of the week, analysis, and advice for developments to put into practice.


Stade Ernest-Wallon 


Lycée Déodat de Séverac, Toulouse.


At the Stade Toulousain Bodega pour lunch, and the Lycée Déodat for breakfast and supper.


Bus and shuttle Stade Toulousain between accommodation, the catering and sports activities.


Bring boots and mouthguard.


Passport or National Identity Card.

Donation Stade Toulousain Academy: 1 boot bag, 1 water bottle, 1 baseball cap, 1 Academy t-shit and 1 training vest.

A gift idea ? Download the gift card with this link : Carte Cadeau.pdf

File to download and bring filed out the first day of camp: Stage été.pdf

Date de stage

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  • Téléphone : 

    • 07 85 81 17 56
  • Email : 

  • Goodies offerts :

    • Tee-shirt du Stade, casquette, gourde, serviette


  • Activité A
  • Activité B
  • Adresse : 

    • Adresse Saint Orens
      Adresse Saint Orens
      31200 Toulouse
  • Téléphone : 

    • 07 85 81 17 56
  • Email : 

  • Goodies offerts :

    • Tee-shirt du Stade, casquette, gourde, serviette



description du lieu Ernest Wallon qui pourra être récupéré sur  tous les produits (stage) qui ont ce lieu 

L'Union Rugby, rue du Puy de Sancy 31240 L'Union

Description de ST Orens

  • Rugby
  • e-sport
  • repas

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