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Internship Girls born between 2006 and 2009.

Come join us on a 100% female program!

For all levels, born between 2007 and 2010.

On the Ernest Wallon site, cradle of the Stade Toulousain Professional team, we offer you a week in contact with our Elite 1 players!

Come and live the unique experience of training in contact with the players of Stade Toulousain for a week. Throughout this course, you will discover the different facets of a player's life: her training, her meals, her physical preparation ...


Workshops supervised by our graduate coaches from Stade Toulousain and our Elite 1 players !


Evenings, activities, games ...

 THE +

 - The internship is payable in several installments, free of charge

 - Interview with Elite 1 players + players from the Training Center on high-level rugby and other topics (team spirit, motivation, ...)

 -  Intervention on dietetics, the diet of high-level players

 - Intervention of a physical trainer on the development plan of the rugby player

- Arbitration course and knowledge of the rule in rugby

- Evaluation of the practice throughout the week and delivery of a manual (test and rugby results)

- Free goodies (t-shirt, cap, gym bag, ...)


Ernest-Wallon Stadium.


Lycée Déodat de Séverac, Toulouse.


At the Stade Toulousain self service for lunch, at Lycée Déodat for dinner.


Bus + Stade Toulousain shuttle between accommodation, catering and sporting activities.


Provide crampons and mouth guards


Identity card or passport

Stade Académie endowment: 1 crampon bag, 1 water bottle, 1 cap, 1 Academy t-shirt  and 1 chasuble

A gift idea for Christmas ? Download the gift card with this link : Filles/Academie ST Performance Féminine.jpg

File to download and bring back completed on the day of the course : Stage été.pdf

Date de stage

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  • Téléphone : 

    • 07 85 81 17 56
  • Email : 

  • Goodies offerts :

    • Tee-shirt du Stade, casquette, gourde, serviette


  • Activité A
  • Activité B
  • Adresse : 

    • Adresse Saint Orens
      Adresse Saint Orens
      31200 Toulouse
  • Téléphone : 

    • 07 85 81 17 56
  • Email : 

  • Goodies offerts :

    • Tee-shirt du Stade, casquette, gourde, serviette



description du lieu Ernest Wallon qui pourra être récupéré sur  tous les produits (stage) qui ont ce lieu 

L'Union Rugby, rue du Puy de Sancy 31240 L'Union

Description de ST Orens

  • Rugby
  • e-sport
  • repas

Pour les âges voici les correspondances :

- Oustitis (De la marche à 2 ans)

- Schtroumpfs (2 ans à 3 ans)

- Aventuriers (3 ans à 4 ans)

- Multisports (4 ans à 5 ans)

- Multisports (6 ans à 8 ans)

Possibilité de payer le stage en plusieurs fois, sans frais.